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Hi I am Alexandre 👋 I am a Full-Stack developer and recent graduate in Computer Science and Web Development from the IUT of Lannion.

Previously, I had the chance to work with amazing companies like APITIC, Getro or Henge and am currently looking for something new.

Full-time Curious, I am always excited to discover a new industry or topic. In my free time, I read a lot, build side-projects, listen to music, learn how to become a DJ, and spend time with my close ones.

From a small town to the Internet, breaking into tech as a Gen Z



I worked for one year at APITIC where I worked on several products for 100+ food businesses around checkout, inventory, and e-commerce



I worked remotely as a Frontend Intern at Getro where I took part in the rebuild in React of the Getro Network product.


Disrupting the 3D capture industry at Henge

I joined in January 2017 the early-stage startup Henge to build a more affordable way to 3d-scan people and objects.


Writing for news medias like Stuffi

I joined a news blog to write about Apple and the jailbreak community. I then joined Stuffi for a few years where I wrote news articles, product reviews and buying guides about the Internet of Things, Quantified Self, and more ...


From jailbreaking my iPod Touch to moderating a 10000+ Apple fans forum

Buying an iPod Touch was my big step in joining the tech world. I started experimenting with it, jailbreaking it and modifying with various tweaks before sharing my passion as a forum moderator.

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