Alexandre Mouriec

Hi, my name is Alexandre Mouriec. I am a Computer Science student at IUT of Lannion. I am also an associate at Argos VR Systems where I worked for 6 months in Technical Support and R&D. In my spare time I am a writer and Chatbot Maker at Stuffi.


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Since January, I am working in Brest at Argos VR Systems, a startup working on a 3D capture system, a rig system mixing DSLR cameras and Pi raspberry cams.

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Since July 2014, I am a tech writer for Stuffi, a website about the Internet of Things, drones, VR ... where I wrote news articles, reviews,...

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I began writing on Medium about productivity, self-improvement and other topics I am interested in. I write mostly in English but also in French.

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I am always working on a side-project. It can be a website, a chatbot,... If you want to see what I am working on right now, check out this page.

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