Private Project

  • Build a static website highlighting projects for a company
  • Removed Contentful completely to use Strapi
  • Developed with Tailwind CSS, Gatsby.js and Strapi

Internal Project

  • Application to manage customers payments
  • Reduced time needed by the support team
  • Built with Vue.js and Symfony frameworks

Getro Network Rebuild

  • Refined more than 10 React components
  • Expanded unit testing using Enzyme and Jest
  • Conceived a Storybook of React components

Hire A BuzzFeeder

  • Helped BuzzFeed laid off employees unofficially to find new jobs
  • Website visited more than 70000 times
  • Developed with Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, and Heroku

Unofficial Job Board

  • Launched a job board for Initialized for its portfolio
  • Received an internship offer from Getro after this project
  • Implemented with Bootstrap 3.3.7 and hosted on Github Pages

Matching Donations

  • Helped match donations for the American Civil Liberties Union
  • 23,000+ visits in one week, several thousands of dollars raised
  • Implemented with Bootstrap and hosted on Github Pages
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